Nagpur University saffronises history: RSS' role in communalism replaced with role in "nation building" - IAMC
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Nagpur University saffronises history: RSS’ role in communalism replaced with role in “nation building”

In a clear attempt to distort history of India’s freedom struggle, the Nagpur University administration – apparently under the influence of BJP and its parent organisation, Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) – has decided to teach RSS’ role in “nation building” by revising the second-year BA History syllabus.

As per the new syllabus, the University administration has introduced a chapter on RSS’ role in “nation building” in the fourth semester of the second-year BA History syllabus.

Earlier, the syllabus had a chapter on the “rise and growth of communalism in India” discussing the role of RSS, Hindu Mahasabha and Muslim league. After the revision, this chapter had been removed. Nagpur based social activist, Mohnish Jabalpure and the student wing of the Congress party, NSUI have demanded deletion of the new chapter. However, according to sources, the University administration has refused to do so.…