Narendra Modi and His Vision of Hindu India - By Muhammad Mahmood - IAMC
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Narendra Modi and His Vision of Hindu India – By Muhammad Mahmood

…The most disturbing aspect of surge in anti-Muslim sentiment in India is the RSS, the militant right-wing group that is passionately anti-Muslim. This is the group that is modelled along the Italian Fascist black shirt wield real power. They espouse India as a Hindu state, and thus continues to demand changing the Indian constitution from secular to sectarian.… Another deeply worrying fact is that the RSS has penetrated every institutions of the state including the army, judiciary, state security apparatuses, universities and many others and this does not augur well for neither an inclusive nor a democratic India.…

Thus, an Indian identity requires an ideological blue print that supersedes or overrides its diversities or a blueprint that recognizes diversities in broader unity. Modi has chosen the former. The blue print that BJP is aiming to advance- a centralised unitary Hindu national identity is inherently problematic as it aims to amalgamate even within Hinduism the conflated caste, linguistic and culturally differing identities.

Outside Hinduism, it tries to either eliminate or subjugate other religious and ethnic minorities especially the Muslims that are in large numbers. Therefore, the question that must be asked is given these intractable diversities should India be drumming up the notion of a monolithic Hindu India that can only foment more xenophobia, deepen mutual hatred and at the end, pull apart the communities and not unite, is in the best interest of a unified but a diverse India?