'Nightmare of Terror': Preventive Detention laws and Kashmir - By Cheshta Rajora  - IAMC
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‘Nightmare of Terror’: Preventive Detention laws and Kashmir – By Cheshta Rajora 

What are the signs of war? A screeching halt of normal life. The doldrums of the quotidian shaken by a new arbitrary order. Schools shut. Children rounded up, beaten, detained, tear-gas-blood-vomit. Hospitals slowed down. Deliveries disrupted. New lives asked to wait before coming into this world; ordered to line up in queues. Terror ringing through deserted streets. Deaths.

These are the signs of untelevised, silent war found in abundance in Jammu and Kashmir since 80,000 additional troops poured into the world’s most militarized zone in the anticipation of Parliament’s decision to abrogate Article 370 and 35A of the Indian Constitution. The only question worth asking is who is waging this war? The Government of India answers it differently.…

When acts of terror and crimes against humanity are talked about, one must pause and look at the role of the State in manufacturing widespread violence in neat, organized and completely legal ways.