Opposition Party Leaders Slam Modi’s Political Vendetta Against Opposition President Sonia Gandhi - IAMC

Opposition Party Leaders Slam Modi’s Political Vendetta Against Opposition President Sonia Gandhi

Opposition party leaders have slammed Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s “relentless political vendetta” against Congress Party President and principal opposition leader Sonia Gandhi, who has been summoned for questioning under flimsy allegations of money laundering.

A number of opposition parties released a statement strongly criticizing Modi and the Hindu extremist Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) for targeting its opponents and critics, saying that Modi has “unleashed a relentless campaign of vendetta against its political opponents and critics through the mischievous misuse of investigative agencies”

“Prominent leaders of a number of political parties have been deliberately targeted and subjected to harassment in an unprecedented manner. We condemn this and resolve to continue and intensify our collective fight against the anti-people, anti-farmers, and anti-Constitution policies of the Modi government that is destroying the social fabric of our society,” the statement said.

The Modi regime’s attack against members of the Indian parliament has led to rising concerns over a shrinking political state and the backsliding towards an authoritarian state.

Filmmaker Granted Bail After Arrest Over Tweet Critical Of Home Minister Amit Shah

Well-known filmmaker Avinash Das, who helmed the popular Bollywood movie Anaarkali of Aarah,  has received bail after being arrested over a tweet critical of Indian Home Minister Amit Shah, a Hindu supremacist and close ally of Modi.

Das was arrested on July 19 for posting a picture of Shah with Indian Administrative Service officer Pooja Singhal, who was arrested in a money laundering case. Das had alleged that the photo had been taken before Singhal was arrested.

Das has received bail despite objection from the crime branch of Ahmedabad city in Gujarat state after being sent to one-day police custody. The case highlights the crackdown on all forms of criticism against Modi and his allies among the BJP, making dissent in India increasingly dangerous.

Hindu Nationalist BJP Administration Gives Hindu Names To Muslim Localities In Jammu

In an attempt to further dilute the Muslim identity of the Jammu and Kashmir region, the BJP administration in Jammu passed a resolution to rename two localities with Muslim names to Hindu names, leading to a protest from locals.

The Sheikh Nagar area of Jammu is to be renamed Shiv Nagar due to the presence of a Hindu temple in the area, while Amphalla Chowk will be renamed  Hanuman Chowk after a Hindu deity.

While BJP councillor Sharda Kumari claimed that “the people also want the place to be renamed,” residents have protested on social media, claiming that this is part of a continued attempt to create a more Hindu-centric India while erasing Muslim identity.

“How many Shiv Nagar? This is all part of mission 2024, the election campaign,” Jammu resident Uday Chand wrote on his Facebook timeline.

“BJP has nothing to show to their people, so they are trying to divert people’s attention towards communal issues. BJP’s motto is clear. They want to erase the chapters of history,” said opposition party leader Bashir Ahmed.

Hindu Extremist Media Attempts To Smear Dalit Author Of Book Criticizing RSS 

The Hindu extremist ecosystem, including media channels and senior journalists, is up in arms over a book criticizing the Hindu supremacist paramilitary group Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS). The book was recently published in Karnataka state by Dalit author Devanoora Mahadeva.

The book, titled Aala Mattu Agala (RSS – Its Depth and Breadth), provides a comprehensive criticism of the RSS, which is the parent organization of Modi’s BJP and whose members have frequently taken part in violent crimes against Indian minorities.

The book also appeals to people from marginalized Hindu communities who have been inundated with Hindu extremist propaganda, urging them to examine how rights established post-colonialism are now being reversed by the Modi regime.

Right-wing journalists and media organizations have attempted to smear Mahadeva and discredit his work, including Vishweshwara Bhat, senior journalist, and chief editor of a right-leaning Kannada news portal, who called the book a “piece of trash” on Twitter. Other right-wing channels have run segments attempting to discredit the book.