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Photo of Ganesh and Muharram processionists shaking hands in Silvassa goes viral

The picture of the Tazia and the Gauri immersion processionists shaking hands across opposite sides of a street, that went viral earlier this week, was a scene from Silvassa, a town in the Union Territory of Dadra Nagar Haveli in south Gujarat.… Youths from both the communities known to each other were seen shaking hands. Gauri Ganesh idols were later immersed in Daman Ganga river, while the Tazia procession ended at Jumma Masjid.…

Dharmesh Pandya, who runs an NGO Indian Social Progressive Trust in Silvassa, said, “Here in Silvassa, there is a good bonding between Hindus and Muslims and we participate in each other religious festivals. Till now, not a single incident of riots between both the communities have taken place in our area. We have an age-old relationship with people of the Muslim community residing in the town and wish each other on our festivals. If any conflict arises or quarrel takes place between both the communities, we sit together and sort it out and ensure that it does not assume communal colour.”

Vishal Pandey (25), who works as a police constable with Silvassa police station, was posted at Shahid Chowk on duty, for security purpose.… Talking to The Indian Express Vishal Pandey said, “l was on my duty at Shahid Chowk, during Tazia and Gauri Ganesh processions on September 10. I spotted Muslims youths carrying Tazia doing handshaking with the Hindus carrying Gauri Ganesh, I found it amazing and it was like a sign of true brotherhood, so I took out my mobile phone and clicked the images of handshaking done by people from both the communities.… The purpose of clicking and sharing such a photo is to spread communal harmony and brotherhood in the society. Silvassa has a peaceful atmosphere but nationally, this photo can send a good and effective message.”