PM Modi “Desperate” To Appoint “Pliant” CBI Director: Congress Leader - IAMC
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PM Modi “Desperate” To Appoint “Pliant” CBI Director: Congress Leader

Ahead of the January 24 meeting of the high-powered committee on selection of CBI director, the Congress said Monday the process should be transparent and appointment based on merit and seniority. Senior spokesperson of the Congress Anand Sharma said any officer against whom there are question marks or any kind of charges should not be considered for empanelment as that would be “a gross miscarriage of justice”.

He alleged that Prime Minister Narendra Modi is “desperate” to select and appoint a “pliant” CBI Director to “buy future protection for all kinds of acts of omission and commission of his government”.

The former union minister said it is imperative that all matters that were considered by the Supreme Court when the new process of the appointment of CBI Director was introduced, are followed.…