Pro-Modi Indian News Organizations Are Behaving Like Radio Rwanda Did Before Genocide, Says Editors Guild of India - IAMC

Pro-Modi Indian News Organizations Are Behaving Like Radio Rwanda Did Before Genocide, Says Editors Guild of India

The Editors Guild of India compared India’s media to Radio Rwanda, which infamously ratcheted up hatred leading to a genocide of 800,000 people in that country, with their promotion of genocide by “deliberately creating circumstances that target vulnerable communities by spewing hatred towards them and their beliefs.”

In a statement that also condemned the anti-Muslim remarks from Nupur Sharma, an official with India’s ruling Hindu extremist Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) against Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)as “embarrassing,” the Guild slammed some media channels for “giving legitimacy to divisive and toxic voices.”

“…[S]ome of these channels prompted by the desire to increase viewership and profit were seemingly inspired by the values of Radio Rwanda whose incendiary broadcast caused a genocide in the African nation,” the statement noted.

The statement further called for “stricter vigilance” from journalistic bodies to ensure that India’s Constitution would not be further weakened by the media’s “sheer irresponsibility and absence of accountability.”

India’s news media, especially television news, has become a belligerent supporter of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s government, which itself is a Hindu supremacist administration and aims to convert India into a Hindu nation.

Iraq, Libya Join In Condemning BJP Spokesperson For Hate Speech Against Prophet Muhammad

Iraq and Libya have joined a list of 20 countries and bodies that have slammed the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) over the hateful remarks made against the Prophet Muhammad made by now-suspended spokesperson Nupur Sharma.

In a statement, the Parliamentary Committee on Awqaf and Tribals of Iraq declared that Sharma’s “abuses, malicious and disgraceful acts” will have “serious repercussions” and may lead to “dire consequences that will have unimaginable consequences for the peaceful coexistence” within India.

Libya’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation also “strongly condemned” the “insulting remarks” in a statement and called for tolerance.

So far, Qatar, Kuwait, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Iraq, Libya, Bahrain, Indonesia, United Arab Emirates, Jordan, the Maldives, Pakistan, Turkey, Malaysia, and bodies from Egypt have all released statements condemning Sharma’s hate speech against Prophet Muhammad, which was broadcasted during a TV segment.

Uttar Pradesh Police Torture Muslim Man, 22, Over Alleged Cow Slaughter

Hindu extremist police brutally tortured a 22-year-old Muslim man in Uttar Pradesh state for two days by beating him, electrocuting him, and inserting an iron rod into his rectum after wrongfully arresting him.

The victim, a vegetable vendor, was arrested under the suspicion of having ties with an individual who was allegedly involved in cow slaughter. In a viral video, the victim can be seen rushed to the hospital as he convulses from repeated seizures.

“Police thrashed [him] the whole night. After realising that they had picked the wrong person, they handed him Rs 100 and sent him back after torturing him for two straight days. Since then, he has been getting seizures almost every day. On Friday (June 3) his condition deteriorated and we had to rush him to the hospital,” said the victim’s sister-in-law.

“The patient is getting seizures regularly which means that his nervous system has been affected, possibly because of a shock,” a doctor treating the victim reported, confirming the extreme torture.

Hindu Extremist Indian Movie Actress Kangana Ranaut Defends Disgraced BJP Official Nupur Sharma

Despite the growing international outcry against disgraced BJP spokesperson Nupur Sharma, Hindu extremists across India are clamoring in support of her hateful remarks. This includes vitriolic Hindu supremacist and Bollywood actress Kangana Raunat, who took to social media to defend Sharma while also spreading anti-Muslim misinformation.

“Nupur is entitled to her opinions… when Hindu Gods are insulted which they are almost every day we go to court, pls do that no need to play dons yourself…(sic),” wrote the actor.

She added, “This is not Afghanistan, we have a proper functioning government which is chosen with a process called democracy… just a reminder for those who keep forgetting.”

Meanwhile, progressive film stars are tweeting their condemnations of Sharma and TimesNow, the outlet that broadcasted Sharma’s remarks.

“Oh hey @NupurSharmaBJP @navikakumar @TimesNow! Hope you are celebrating the international shame your hate filled rabble rousing has brought India!” tweeted actress Swara Bhasker.

“Telling someone not to be hurt after hurting them is the a***hole thing to do,” tweeted Gushan Deviah, adding that freedom of speech “can’t be absolute.”