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Reckless bullying in the name of ‘original’ Indian culture – Editorial

…The consulate-general of India in Frankfurt requested members of the Kerala Samajam Frankfurt to withdraw the beef curry they had included in their traditional menu for the Indian food festival arranged on August 31 by the consulate in the German city.

A right-wing organization, allegedly the Vishwa Hindu Parishad, threatened to cause a ‘ruckus’ unless it was removed. There are reports that the trouble was inaugurated by a tweet from Suresh Kochattil of the Bharatiya Janata Party, who had earlier urged Indians not to donate anything to Kerala after terrible floods for those affected were rich.…

That reckless bullying of Indians in the name of Indian culture should now flourish far beyond the country’s boundaries is cause for deep shame.… The BJP is projecting a particular segment of north and west India as the site of the land’s ‘original’ culture and tradition. The projection is being deliberately made outside India as well. By giving in to fear within and outside, Indians are slowly losing their claim to be a free people.