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Rising Atrocities on Dalits in BJP-Ruled Himachal Pradesh

An RTI activist and Bahujan Samaj Party (BSP) leader Kedar Singh Jindan of Bakras village of Sirmaur district was brutally murdered on September 7, 2018, reportedly by upper caste people of the area, by crushing him under a Scorpio Jeep. Jindan, an advocate by profession, had exposed through several RTI petitions, the alleged loot of certain upper caste people who had denied the benefits of government schemes meant for weaker sections of the society.

As NewsClick had reported earlier, the upper caste people were furious with Jindan as he was proving to be a thorn in their eyes by raising issues of dalit exploitation at the hands of upper castes and fighting against caste discrimination by organising the weaker sections.

Even though Jindan’s wife had held a press conference in the state capital Shimla and demanded a CBI probe, it was only after pressure was built on the local police by mobilisation of dalits that the police arrested the accused.…