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Rising to the occasion in testing times

Syed Amjad and his family are ensuring that people stranded in Sadashivapet do not go hungry

What can any one do during the forced holidays of coronavirus? Watching movies, browsing net, reading books, playing games and sparing quality time with family members! Anything beyond that?

Ask Syed Amjad, a resident and tea powder vendor from Sadashivapet mandal headquarters and his answer is a firm Yes. For the past one week, his eight-member family has been busy preparing food for more than 180 persons twice a day — morning and evening.

More than 50 lorries got stuck at this mandal headquarters town. They reached here carrying raw materials to MRF, a tyre manufacturing industry. As the announcement of lockdown was made all of a sudden, they had no time to return back. Though the management took care of them for one or two days, later it was pathetic. There was no one who could supply food for them.

Town Circle Inspector P. Sridhar Reddy called upon the people to come to the rescue of the people stranded here.

Responding to that, Mr. Amjad came forward and took the responsibility of supplying food for them. While 21 kg of rice is being cooked in the morning, it is 17 kg in the evening. It will take about three hours to prepare the food every time and they are spending six hours a day for that.

Later in the day between 1 p.m. and 2 p.m. he distributes food packets to the drivers who have stationed their lorries in the open space adjacent to the industry. Similarly, in the evening as well.

“I am from Bhopal. I got stuck here from March 22 and food is being served by Amjad bhai every day,” said Saleem, a driver from Bhopal, who has a cleaner with him. Both of them are getting food.

When Commissioner H.M. Spandana informed Mr. Amjad on Sunday about a dozen people on their way to Zaheerabad and beyond, he immediately responded and provided them food packets. She herself distributed the food packets for them near the highway and sent them off in a vehicle. He has also been distributing rations for about 80 single women who could not find any work.

“My entire family is supporting my activity and that is why I am able to extend this service to the needy. All the eight members including children are helping me,” Mr. Amjad told The Hindu.