'Ruling by decree of fear': Mamata Banerjee jabs PM Modi over raids at Kanimozhi's house - IAMC
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‘Ruling by decree of fear’: Mamata Banerjee jabs PM Modi over raids at Kanimozhi’s house

Trinamool Congress supremo Mamata Banerjee Wednesday came out in support of DMK leader Kanimozhi, whose residence was searched by central agencies and said Prime Minister Narendra Modi is trying to threaten parties opposed to him.

Kanimozhi is being harassed as DMK is opposed to BJP’s divisive politics in south India, she said. Charging Modi with ruling India by the “decree of fear”, Banerjee said that the country has never seen such a prime minister who is feared by everyone “instead of being loved and respected”.

“It is a shame that BJP is using central agencies against opposition leaders and parties to harass them. Yesterday the Income Tax(department) without any reason raided Kanimozhi’s house. Just because DMK and its leader M K Stalin are opposed to Narendra Modi and BJP, they (DMK leaders) are being unneccessarily harrassed,” Banerjee said at a rally here.… She alleged that Modi is threatening everybody and everybody is afraid of him and added “It is a shame that a person who was baptized in politics through riots is leading the country”.