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Sikh policeman saves Muslim youth from mob in Uttarakhand

Sikh policeman saves Muslim youth from mob in Uttarakhand

A screen grab of the police officer saving the youth.A screen grab of the police officer saving the youth.

A video purportedly showing a Sikh policeman saving a Muslim youth from a mob after the latter was allegedly found in a compromising position with a Hindu girl at a temple near Ramnagar in Nainital district had gone viral.

ADG (law and order) Ashok Kumar said the incident occurred on Tuesday when a Muslim youth went to meet his girlfriend, a Hindu, at Garjia Devi temple about 15 km from Ramnagar.

Locals came to know about it and reached the temple to catch them, “, he said.

On being informed about a trouble in the area, Sub-Inspector Gagandeep Singh rushed to the spot where he found a mob preparing to attack the couple alleging that they had been found in a compromising position.

He immediately rushed to their rescue drawing the Muslim youth close to him to act as a shield to him, and in the process taking several blows from the mob on himself, the ADG said, adding the mob was dispersed and the couple was taken to a police station from where they were sent back to their families.

Five people whose faces are visible in the clip have been booked and a search is on to nab them. A reward of Rs 2,500 has been announced for Gagandeep Singh for his act of bravery, he said.

“I caught hold of the boy and pulled him away from the crowd. I loudly warned the mob against even touching the boy! The boy hugged me tightly like a child hugs his mother when he is scared. I didn’t know whether he was a Muslim or a Hindu, Sikh or a Christian. It was the mob which seemed to have the information. They were shouting, “he’s Muslim, chop him into pieces!”

“He wanted to hide behind me, he was trembling badly, I have never seen a person so terrorised; thousands of couples come to Girjiya Mandir daily, this kind of an incident had never happened before. “

“I am a police officer and my duty is to protect. I decided, come what may, I would protect this boy. Even if I was not on duty, I would have done the same.”

“The crowd started shouting slogans against me. After a little scuffle, we were able to rescue the boy when the police reinforcement arrived. I felt a deep contentment and was at peace. Now I could face God without any guilt.”