The Empowered Women Of Savda-Ghevra Were The Real 'Shantidoots' During The Delhi Violence - IAMC
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The Empowered Women Of Savda-Ghevra Were The Real ‘Shantidoots’ During The Delhi Violence

During the recent spurt of communal violence in Delhi, the most affected in terms of localities were the poverty-stricken areas and underprivileged groups like women, children and senior citizens, in terms of citizens. Although, terror and panic were felt across Delhi. However, despite this horrifying situation, the savda-ghevra slum resettlement of Delhi was free from any kind of violence and fear. Instead, during the outrage, they witnessed communal harmony in their area.

The reason is the empowered women of savda-ghevra, who take pride to be called as the “Harshingar Mahila Samuh”. When the situation was tense across the city, this women collective of savda-ghevra took a pledge among themselves that neither will they allow any kind of violence to take place in their area, nor they will allow any unrest and chaos to prevail, thereby preventing havoc.

They completely understood the seriousness of such a conflict situation which was prevailing in the city and also had the ability to analyse the horrific consequences of these conflicts.… They gathered, discussed the existing situation in Delhi and made their own plan of action to not disturb the communal harmony in the area. By doing so, they became the flag-bearers of peace and ray of hope to maintain communal harmony.…


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