Under Modi, the Hindu-Muslim divide worsens in India - IAMC
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Under Modi, the Hindu-Muslim divide worsens in India

Muslims in Nayabans, an unremarkable village in northern India, say they remember a time when their children played with Hindu youths and people from either faith chatted when they frequented each other’s shops and went to festivals together.

Such interactions no longer happen, many say, because of how polarized the two communities have become in the past two years and some are frightened and thinking of moving away – if they can afford it.…

“Modi and Yogi have messed it up,” said Ali. “Dividing Hindus and Muslims is their main agenda, only agenda. It was never like this earlier. We want to leave this place but can’t really do that.” He says about a dozen Muslim families have left in the past two years, including his uncle.…