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US calls use of #coronajihad unfortunate, says govt should clear it out

India experienced the biggest community transmission of the coronavirus in the past few days because of the congregation held by the Tablighi Jamaat, an influential Islamic missionary movement.  This led many to start a hashtag on social media against the Muslim community calling it #CoronaJihad. #CoronaJihad – the term has been used to hint or indicate that somehow the coronavirus has been spread by the Muslim community.

The US on Thursday said that use of the term was “unfortunate”. During a briefing by the Samuel D Brownback, Ambassador at Large for International Religious Freedom Office of International Religious Freedom, he said that the US administration was tracking many instances of blaming of the minority communities for the Covid-19 virus.

To a question on the hashtag trending in India, Brownback said, “We are tracking the blaming of religious minorities for Covid-19 virus, and unfortunately, it is – it’s happening in various places. This is wrong by governments to do this.” He urged governments to clearly state the origin of the virus and ensure that there is no targeting of the minorities.


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