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Violence: Humans in Dark Times

Author: Brad Evans and Natasha Lennard
Reviewed by: Shelley Walia
Available at: City Lights Publishers, 261 Columbus Ave, San Francisco, CA 94133, USA.

The scourge of violence

Politicians across the globe have sunk to a new low, resorting to new levels in the inordinate incitement of a malleable public willing to accept the media hypnosis and brush all opposing views under the carpet. It is a pandemic assault on public discourse on freedom and equality.

In Violence: Humans in Dark Times, Brad Evans and Natasha Lennard engage in a timely, eloquent conversation with thinkers such as Gayatri Spivak, Henry Giroux, Jake Chapman and Simon Critchley, interrogating the correlation of violence with gender discrimination, white intolerance, unilateral state power, politics, art and climate change. As the general mood indicates, we cannot overstate the fact that in the last few years, apathetic conservatives, worn-out liberals and cynical radicals have blurred the debate.

The media, in times of rigid political and ethnic affiliation, remains under siege with the public discourse on diversity and multiculturalism virtually disappearing. The authors draw attention to the power of dealing with political disparity and the obligation of engaging in some form of active dissidence against politically charged racist thuggery.…