Well-established? Why now no one will mind suggestion of Hindu riots or Hindu terror - By Aviral Anand - IAMC
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Well-established? Why now no one will mind suggestion of Hindu riots or Hindu terror – By Aviral Anand

“Dange Hote Rahe Hain, It’s a Part of Life”, said Haryana Minister Ranjit Chautala on Delhi violence on February 27, 2020. The now normalised, almost impersonal, term, “dange,” communal clashes, points to the tiresome predictability of so-called Hindu-Muslim confrontations, almost in the mock-exasperated tone of “boys will be boys.” Yes, it has come to that. Such is the normalization of such confrontations.

Under the current dispensation, with its record of a chillingly dispassionate silence in such matters, whether in Gujarat in 2002 or over the suffering of the Kashmiri people since August last year, it is probably even likely that no one will actually mind the suggestion of Hindu riots and Hindu terror – it is all so well established now.

The official silence – more like a sadistic voyeurism – has acted as unofficial blessing to all those that contemplate “dange” and worse. In addition, the regular felicitation of rioters and murderers and the implicit condoning of inflammatory remarks and actions have created a nurturing environment for all kinds of crazies to find space, patronage and encouragement. The BJP is by-and-by trying to actualize pieces of its Hindutva ideology, but to say that the entire country is sold on their ideology is still far from the truth.


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