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When anti-CAA Muslim protesters helped a temple procession pass in Kerala’s Thrissur

On Saturday, the Thrissur Police in Kerala was faced with a pressing dilemma when they realised that they had to ensure the smooth conduct of a temple festival procession through the town at the same time when an anti-CAA protest by Muslim outfits takes shape.

Nearly one lakh people were to assemble in the popular Swaraj round in Thrissur town as part of an anti-CAA protest. However, at the same time, the festival procession of the local Bhaktapriyam temple complete with elephants and percussionists had to pass through the same area. So when top police officials spoke to organisers on both sides, they got a response that once again accentuated the state’s unique religious harmony and amity.

Muslim organisers of the anti-CAA protest promised to the police to lend help to ensure the temple festival procession was carried out smoothly through the town. Nearly one thousand people who had turned up for the protest transformed into volunteers to clear traffic and crowds so that the procession could move through Thrissur town without any hurdles.…