Why India's citizenship law crosses the line - By Akanksha Singh - IAMC
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Why India’s citizenship law crosses the line – By Akanksha Singh

The CAA isn’t just a danger to those it seemingly chooses to leave out – it’s a threat to all Indian citizens. It seeks to redefine what it means to be an Indian through a new lens, notably one in which public dissent and the right to protest will not be tolerated.

Since the act’s passage, a number of protests have erupted across the country, from major cities like New Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai and Bengaluru, to smaller towns like Chaygaon, Meerut and Bijnor. To limit further protests, the government has implemented curfews and shutdown internet services in several cities, including New Delhi. At least 22 people have died.

The CAA also opens old wounds – specifically the human cost of Indian independence from the British, which came in the form of partition, the violent separation of India and Pakistan in 1947.… It is growing increasingly apparent that the BJP government is trying to build a Hindu nation. And the cost is clear. But why now, when the Indian economy is on the brink of a growth recession?…