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Will the real Hindus please stand up? – By Masarat Daud 

A few years ago, when ISIS was on its murdering spree, I was in Munich, having lunch with a friend who had fled her country in the ’90s to receive asylum in Germany. Scooping a ladle of bulghur onto her plate, she casually said, “I really believe that Muslims who haven’t condemned ISIS are complicit with their ideology.”

I asked her if she had been following news and opinion pieces. From every Muslim quarter, there had been strong condemnation of ISIS and their shocking barbarity. I pulled out my phone and told her, “This is from today” – a group of imams in Britain condemning them. She simply replied, “Well, I did not read it so I assumed Muslims haven’t condemned them.”

For years, Muslims like me around the world have been asked to answer for or to condemn extremists who claim the mantle of Islam. Now that Hindu nationalism is on the rise in India, the expectation to speak up against fascism has fallen on Hindus around the world.…