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Delhi Man, His Son Saved Over 60 People During Clashes Over CAA

The violence in northeast Delhi last week over contentious citizenship law that killed at least 50 people will remain etched in the memory of locals for a long time. But they will also remember stories of courage, survival and brotherhood that emerged at the difficult time and inspired neighbourhoods. In Gokulpuri, a 53-year-old man, Mohinder Singh, along with his 28-year-old son Inderjeet saved over 60 lives. They helped several Muslim families, who were being attacked by mobs, reach safer places.

“In 1984, I was around 16 and the horrific memories are still fresh. When violence spiraled here, it reminded me of the riots three decades back. It reminded me the importance of human lives,” Mohinder Singh told NDTV.… Mohinder, along with his son Inderjeet, decided to take out their two wheelers – a scooty and a bike. They ferried at least 60 people stuck in the nearby area of Kardampuri, about 1.5 kilometre away.…

“We didn’t have much resources but we took out our bike and scooty and started taking people away. During the 1984 riots, it was Hindu families that saved us but during these riots…. we weren’t seeing which community’s people we were saving. It was out of humanity and we just wanted to save humans, irrespective of the religion they belonged to,” he added.…


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