A 'Hindu' heart in 'Muslim' chest is the best reply to hate in Gujarat - IAMC
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A ‘Hindu’ heart in ‘Muslim’ chest is the best reply to hate in Gujarat

There is no love lost between Hindus and Muslims in BJP-ruled Gujarat after the bloody communal clashes in 2002. Indeed, the chasm has deepened further after the recent Delhi riots as Muslims have been reduced to second-class citizens, living in grid-locked ghettos that lack even basic facilities.

And in the national Capital as the Hindu-Muslim slur deepens thanks to the careless rhetoric game played by extremist on both sides. In the middle of all this, however, several Muslims have come out with stories of how they were saved by their Hindu neighbors during the unprecedented Delhi violence.

Similarly, some Muslims in Gujarat have been feeling grateful to their Hindu donors and friends who are saving lives by donating organs before breathing their last. Not long ago, a Hindu family in the land of Mahatma Gandhi gave a new lease of life to a Muslim man on his death bed in a similar manner. Thanks to the efforts of ‘Donate Life’, an award winning, Surat-based non-government organization working for organ donations