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Another ‘Institutional Murder’ – Editorial

The death of Payal Tadvi, a 26-year-old resident doctor at Mumbai’s BYL Nair Hospital, has exposed yet again the insidious nature of discrimination and casteism against Scheduled Caste (SC)/Scheduled Tribe (ST) students in medical colleges. Tadvi belonged to the Bhil Muslim community, recognised as an ST group.

She had reportedly been suffering harassment at the hands of three senior resident doctors in Topiwala National Medical (TNM) College, attached to BYL Nair Hospital, which allegedly led her to commit suicide. Her family had made formal complaints to the college administration about her being subjected to “casteist” slurs and being unfairly admonished, but to no avail.

It was only after Tadvi’s death that the institutional machinery sprung into action, suspending the three doctors and the head of her unit, and the anti-ragging committee started its investigations. A week after her death, the committee has found that Tadvi indeed faced “extreme harassment” and was subjected to discrimination and slurs for having belonged to an ST community and having procured admission into the college through the SC/ST quota.…