BJP-Ruled Madhya Pradesh Bulldozes Muslim Homes, Shops After Anti-Muslim Violence By Hindu Extremists - IAMC

BJP-Ruled Madhya Pradesh Bulldozes Muslim Homes, Shops After Anti-Muslim Violence By Hindu Extremists

In a blatant attempt to render Muslims homeless and jobless en masse, the Bharatiya Janata Party-ruled (BJP) government of Madhya Pradesh state has begun bulldozing Muslim-owned homes and shops as “retribution” for alleged stone-pelting at a Hindu supremacist rally in Khargone city.

Indore Divisional Commissioner Pawan Sharma stated that at least 45 structures so far were demolished using bulldozers. However, Indian news publications Times of India and the Wire report that the number of demolished buildings was 50 and potentially higher.

Sharma claimed the targeting of Muslim-owned properties was necessary because “some of the accused involved in the communal riots” who owned the properties “were encroaching on public land and action has been taken based on land revenue records.”

However, Supreme Court advocate Shadaan Farasat slammed this notion, saying that authorities were not allowed to demolish shops and houses for “even the most egregious crimes, leave alone stone pelting.”

“MP admin is moving in JCB to demolish more Muslim houses. Wide spread crackdown against Muslim community in Khargone. More than 70 Muslim youths arrested so far,” reported Sharjeel Usmani, a prominent Indian activist. The Scroll, an Indian publication, reported that up to 77 Muslims were arrested, while Hindu supremacists who instigated the violence were allowed to walk free.

Opposition leaders have slammed the BJP’s direct endorsement of structural violence against Muslims. Congress leader Rahul Gandhi slammed the BJP for engaging in “hatred and terror.” Senior Congress leader P. Chidambaram took to Twitter to express his outrage.

“On Lord Ram’s birthday, acts of intolerance, violence and hate are committed,” he said. “The highest leaders of the country refuse to hear or see the evil of spreading hate… Every day, we are becoming a less free country. All right-thinking people should condemn the violence and the intimidation unleashed by self-appointed guardians of the country.”

Extremist Police Break Into Household, Beat Elderly Muslim Women

In addition to the Hindu supremacist government’s attacks on Muslims in Khargone, Hindu extremist police destroyed mosque property and terrorized a Muslim family in the early hours of April 11, beating several women, including a 70-year-old, to the point of needing hospitalization. The women were also robbed of all their valuables by so-called law enforcement officials.

“This was happening at 03.00 am in Khargone. Men in uniform were seen breaking [the] gate of Bilal Masjid. Right in front of this Masjid lives an old woman with her family. No male members in the house. She asks the men to stop…These men break the door of her house, barge into her home. Beat up the women badly…loot all the valuables and go back to vandalizing the Masjid,” tweeted Sharjeel Usmani.

Viral videos show the women’s bloody injuries on their arms. Usmani reported that all of the victims were severely injured, with one woman in critical condition.

Hindu Extremist Mob Lynches Man Over Suspected Cow Slaughter

A Hindu extremist mob lynched a 25-year-old man over suspected cow slaughter in Gujarat state. The mob also brutally beat two of the man’s friends, leading them to be hospitalized from their injuries.

The victim, Rajaram, was a caretaker of a farmhouse along with his two associates. The Hindu extremists in the mob identified themselves as cow vigilantes, or people who are willing to beat or even murder people who slaughter cows and consume beef. The primary victims of cow vigilantes have been Muslims.

“The police team collected a few samples of the animal remains from the spot and sent them for examination. Meanwhile, five men were arrested from the spot… The complainant further alleged that after the police came, they stopped the fight and rushed the three men to the hospital. The caretaker died during treatment while the workers are undergoing treatment,” stated local police.