Civil Servants See "Serious Shortcomings" in Election Commissions Audit Plan for EVMs - IAMC
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Civil Servants See “Serious Shortcomings” in Election Commissions Audit Plan for EVMs

A group of former civil servants have written to the Election Commission of India with several suggestions for making EVMs more secure, and less vulnerable to manipulation and tampering.…

With our collective experience of conducting and supervising elections from the local body to the parliamentary level, we wish to suggest what needs to be done to make the actual process of voting and counting as free as possible from suspicions of Electronic Voting Machine (EVM) malfunction and manipulation.

It is common knowledge that EVMs are ‘black boxes’ in which it is impossible for voters to verify whether their votes have been recorded and counted correctly, and in which miscounts due to EVM malfunction or manipulation are undetectable and unchallengeable. Hence, there is an imperative need for an additional verifiable physical record of every vote cast, in the form of ‘voter verified paper audit trail’ (VVPAT).…