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Delhi riots: ‘My brother died after police beating’

Naeem says his brother Faizan died after he was beaten by police during religious rioting in Delhi last week. Video of the incident has gone viral. More than 40 [now 53] people died in three days of violence, which largely targeted Muslims – although both Hindus and Muslims were among the dead. More than 200 others were injured in the violence, which first broke out between supporters and opponents of a controversial citizenship law that critics say discriminates against Muslims.

Delhi police have not responded to a BBC request for comment on Faizan’s death. They have faced criticism for failing to stop the rioters and, according to some reports, standing by as Muslim homes and mosques were attacked.

UPDATE: Delhi police have now responded to the BBC’s questions on allegations that policemen brutally beat up some Muslim men. Joint Commissioner Alok Kumar told BBC Hindi’s Salman Ravi that “an inquiry has been ordered into the incident. Action will be taken against whoever is found responsible,” he said.


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