High cost of riots in northeast Delhi: List of 48 people who died during three days of violence - IAMC
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High cost of riots in northeast Delhi: List of 48 people who died during three days of violence

Violence is never easy to make sense of and it is our hope that people in the affected areas can focus on the ties that bind rather than what divides. That may be the only way to forge ahead in a time of extreme communal strife and polarisation in society.

We also strongly condemn the hate speeches and pronouncements made by Indian leaders that have culminated in these deaths. Leaders of the ruling party are supposed to protect their citizens, not create and enable adverse conditions that lead to their deaths.

So this is essentially a list of confirmed deaths. However, as there is movement in this data everyday with bodies being identified and given names, histories and proper personhood, we are releasing this as data subject to revision as new information emerges.

Ref: https://www.firstpost.com/india/high-cost-of-riots-in-northeast-delhi-list-of-49-people-who-died-during-three-days-of-violence-8108751.html


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