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‘World Is Watching’: US Lawmakers Take Note Of Delhi Violence

Reacting to the violence that has claimed at least 13 [now 49] lives in the past a couple of days, US Congresswoman Pramila Jayapal said the “deadly surge of religious intolerance in India is horrifying”. “Democracies should not tolerate division and discrimination or promote laws that undermine religious freedom,” she said in a tweet, adding that the “world is watching”.…

Congressman Alan Lowenthal too termed the violence a “tragic failure of moral leadership”. “We must speak out in the face of threats to human rights in India,” he said.… Democratic presidential candidate and Senator Elizabeth Warren also a swipe at the violence, saying,”… we must be able to speak truthfully about our values, including religious freedom and freedom of expression, and violence against peaceful protesters is never acceptable.”

Congresswoman Rashida Talib tweeted, “This week, Trump visited India but the real story should be the communal violence targeting Muslims in Delhi right now. We cannot be silent as this tide of anti-Muslim violence continues across India.” … In a tweet, US Commission for International Religious Freedom said it is alarmed by reports of “deadly mob violence targeting Muslims in New Delhi”. It urged the Modi government to rein in the mob and protect religious minorities.


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