Hindu extremist cow vigilantes assault Muslims transporting cattle - IAMC

Hindu extremist cow vigilantes assault Muslims transporting cattle

In Balrampur, Chattisgarh, cow vigilantes from the Hindu militant group Bajrang Dal harassed a Muslim laborer who was transporting cattle. In Alwar, Rajasthan, cow vigilantes assaulted a truck driver for transporting cattle.

In Mathura, Uttar Pradesh, Hindu extremist cow vigilantes seized a Muslim-owned truck that was transporting cattle. They also chanted slogans advocating for the chopping of hands of those who slaughter cows.

Hindu extremists assault Muslim man for accompanying Hindu woman 

In Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh, Hindu extremists assaulted a Muslim man over allegedly accompanying a Hindu woman. 

Hindu militants are known for violently policing interfaith relationships and interactions between Muslim men and Hindu women, resulting in Muslim men being publicly attacked, arbitrarily arrested, and sometimes lynched.  

Police in Uttar Pradesh arrest Christians over allegations of forced conversion

 In far-right Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP)-ruled Uttar Pradesh’s Kanpur, police stopped two buses and arrested two members of the Christian community over alleged religious conversions.

Christians across states have been arrested under India’s draconian anti-conversion law, which criminalizes conversion away from Hinduism. D.C.-based human rights group International Christian Concern named India among the top 10 countries persecuting Christians in its 2023 Persecutors of the Year Report. 

Police open fire at alleged “cattle smuggler,” victims sustain bullet wound

In two separate incidents in BJP-ruled Uttar Pradesh’s Budaun and Auraiya, police fired gunshots at alleged “cattle smugglers,” who sustained bullet injuries in their legs. 

The incident is the latest in an ongoing trend of violent attacks against predominantly Muslim cattle traders by law enforcement. Over the last few months, multiple such injuries have occurred due to police firing.