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Hindu Extremists Beat Muslim Man Over Suspicion Of Ferrying Beef 

A group of Hindu extremists brutally beat Mohammad Aamir, a Muslim man, over suspicion that he was carrying beef in his pick-up van in Uttar Pradesh state. The extremists recorded a video of themselves beating Aamir with belts after tearing his shirt off, ignoring his pleas for them to stop.

In a police complaint, Aamir identified two of his attackers as Vikash Sharma and Balram Thakur, both of whom are reportedly members of the dangerous Hindu supremacist group Vishwa Hindu Parishad.

Violent attacks by cow vigilantes, as Hindu extremists who murder Muslims in the name of halting beef consumption are known, have  escalated since Prime Minister Narendra Modi came to power in 2014. Violent attacks against and mob lynchings of Muslims on the false allegation that they were buying and consuming beef are increasingly common. In February, Hindu extremists in Bihar state kidnapped and lynched Mohammad Khaleel Alam, another Muslim man, after accusing him of consuming beef.

Hindu Extremist YouTuber Calls For Genocide, Sexual Violence Against Muslims

A Hindu extremist YouTuber has gone viral for making a video calling for the genocide and torment of Muslims, including through sexual violence. The unidentified man addressed Indian Hindus while wearing a saffron mask.

“We will kill everyone from the youngest to the oldest. If we spare the young ones, they’ll want to know who killed their father. They’ll grow spiteful and will want revenge,” said the man, referring to Muslims.

“Use them and abandon them in difficulty. Leave them in a labyrinth of some kind. Use them (to your benefit). Trouble them so much that they cry; leave them tormented. Create an atmosphere that forces them to leave the country. We won’t let them leave nor will we let them live in the country,” he continued in an open advocacy for terrorism against Muslims.

The man also encouraged graphic forms of violence, rape, and torture, saying, “If I was in control, I would split up your six-month-olds and hand each part to a parent. I don’t have power; otherwise I would rape your mother, sister, grandmother, aunt, and others.”

The man has yet to be identified by law enforcement.

Karnataka Play Describes Muslim Hijabi Students As “Not Human,” Advocates Harassment Against Muslim Women

A play held during a festival in Karnataka state about the High Court’s recent ban on hijabs in schools included hateful and derogatory comments about hijabi Muslim women. A viral video of the play shows characters celebrating the hijab ban, which is both unconstitutional and Islamophobic.

“They did not arrive as humans, they came shrouded in a thick, black cloak (hijab/burqa)… If we hadn’t donned our (saffron) shawls, the case wouldn’t have gotten this wild,” said one of the characters, describing the Muslim girls who held ongoing protests against the discriminatory ban despite facing harassment from some of the state’s most powerful politicians, Hindu supremacist groups, and extremist classmates.

“Where they (Muslim women) go, whom they meet, must be investigated by the intelligence department,” said the character, encouraging further discrimination against Muslim women.

Muslim students are set to move their petition to overturn the hijab ban to the Supreme Court despite the harassment they continue to face.

Hindu Extremists Storm Theater, Demand Screening Of Anti-Muslim Propaganda Film

A mob of Hindu extremists stormed a theater in Odisha state, demanding a screening of the hateful propaganda film “The Kashmir Files,” which uses the tragic exodus of Hindu Pandits in the 1990s as a basis to stir up anti-Muslim hatred.

The extremists stormed the theater chanting Hindu religious slogans, with some of them wearing saffron scarves. The theater was forced to stop its screenings of other films and play The Kashmir Files instead.

Hindu extremists across India have used the film to justify their calls for mass violence against Muslims. Viral videos show theater audiences chanting the Hindu religious slogan “Jai Shri Ram,” calling for the boycott of Muslim Bollywood stars, including Shah Rukh Khan and Amir Khan, and chanting “shoot the traitors to the nation,” a common slogan used by members of Modi’s Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) and their supporters to encourage violence against Muslims.