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Hindu Supremacist Calls For Boycott Of Muslim Jewelery Stores

In yet more hate speech towards Muslims, a Hindu extremist who leads the Sri Ram Sena, a Hindu rightwing outfit, has called for the economic boycott of Muslim gold shops in Kerala.

“Kerela is a state with plenty of Muslim gold jewellers. Whereas, this state also has one of the highest attacks on Hindus. If you buy gold from them on the occasion of Akshaya Tritiya, then you are funding the murders of Hindus,” alleged Muthalik.

As the Hindu festival of Akshaya Tritiya is approaching, Hindus buy gold on this occasion. Muthalik stressed that gold should only be purchased from Hindu shops as this is a Hindu festival. He said that by buying gold from Muslim jewellers, people are inadvertently funding alleged crimes against Hindus in Kerala.

This statement can be seen as one of the attempts to communalise the state with a significant number of Muslims. Kerala is a bordering state of Karnataka.

On Monday, Muthalik also demanded cancellation of the license of a private school teaching students Bible. He demanded that the school must be seized and students transferred to other schools.

Muthalik asked the school management to keep the Bible at their homes and churches. “Why is Bible being preached to Hindu students who comprise 90 per cent of the total student population in the school?” he questioned.

Hindu Jana Jagruthi Samithi alleged the students are made to read the Bible everyday compulsorily.  Ironically, Samithi, a Hindu extremist organization that aims to establish a Hindu Rashtra, alleged that the school has violated and misused Article 25 of the constitution of India.

The Samithi said that it would approach Education Minister B.C. Nagesh on this matter and demand cancellation of the license of the school for forcefully imposing the Christian religion preaching to non-Christian students.

The education minister clarified that there is no provision for making the Bible reading compulsory in schools, if it is found to be true, action will be initiated against the school, he said.

BJP Parliamentarian Says Hindus Must Arm Against Muslims

Sakshi Maharaj, a saffron-robed member of Indian Parliament belonging to India’s ruling Hindu nationalist Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), has said Hindus must equip their homes with bottles and arrows in case of an attack by a Muslim mob, adding that the police would not save them and, hence they should be prepared.

Maharaj, who has often been in the news for statements filled with anti-Muslim hatred, wrote on Facebook: “If this crowd comes suddenly to your street, neighbourhood or house, there is a remedy for it… For such guests, every house should have one or two boxes of cold drinks and some arrows. Jai Shri Ram.”

Along with his message, he posted a photograph of a crowd of people charging down a street armed with sticks. Sakshi Maharaj’s post comes in the wake of riots in Delhi’s Jahangirpuri.

“The police will not come to save you, but will instead hide to save themselves. After these people do ‘jihad’ and leave, the police will come with lathis and form an investigation committee after everything is over,” wrote Maharaj.

Dalit Couple Denied Entry At Temple, Publicly Humiliated

A newly married Dalit couple in Rajasthan’s Jalore district was stopped from entering a temple and publicly humiliated. The police have registered a case in this regard.

Ukaram Rathod married Santu at the police station on April 21 and went to the Neelkanth temple the following day for prayer and offering coconut in the temple. The couple was stopped outside by the priest and asked to pray and make their offerings from outside.

The couple alleged that they were stopped by the priest citing village rules like Dalits cannot enter the temple. This led to an argument between some youths, who were accompanying the couple, and the priest. But they were still not allowed to enter the temple. The other people who gathered to see the arguments also warned the couple of the village panchayat’s wrath.

A video of the bride pleading with the priest with folded hands has now gone viral on social media. In the video, the Dalit couple and their relatives are clearly seen being abused and stopped from entering the temple. Later, Tararam Meghwal from the bride’s side lodged a complaint in the Bhadrajun police station.

Hijab Wearing Students Not Allowed To Write Class 12 Exams In Karnataka

Despite requests made by girl students to the authorities to let them write the paper wearing hijab, their request was turned down. As a result, six students in Karnataka’s Yadgir district returned home without writing their Class 12 exams on Monday. The incident took place at the Government Pre-University College in Yadgir.

Aliya Assadi, one of the petitioners, took to Twitter to slam the decision to ban the entry of hijab-clad students.

“Again and again we face disappointment! BJP MLA Raghupathy Bhat had threatened us with criminal cases against us if we go to attend exams tomorrow. What is the crime here? Where is our country headed to,” she had questioned.

On April 22, Assadi and Resham Farooq tried to enter the examination centre in Udupi clad in hijab. BJP MLA Raghupathy Bhat had lashed out at them for ‘disturbing’ other students, saying they were just trying to create a scene before the media.

Bhat had also warned that if the students repeat their act, they should be charged with a criminal case for contempt of court.