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How Hindu supremacists are tearing India apart – By Samanth Subramanian

Soon after the violence began, on 5 January, Aamir was standing outside a residence hall in Jawaharlal Nehru University in south Delhi.… He had come to return a book to a classmate when he saw 50 or 60 people approaching the building. They carried metal rods, cricket bats and rocks. One swung a sledgehammer. They were yelling slogans: “Shoot the traitors to the nation!” was a common one.…

…Founded 94 years ago by men who were besotted with Mussolini’s fascists, the RSS is the holding company of Hindu supremacism: of Hindutva, as it’s called. Given its role and its size, it is difficult to find an analogue for the RSS anywhere in the world. …

In its near-century of existence, it has been accused of plotting assassinations, stoking riots against minorities and acts of terrorism. (Mahatma Gandhi was shot dead in 1948 by an RSS man, although the RSS claims he had left the organisation by then.) The RSS doesn’t, by itself, engage in electoral politics. But among its affiliated groups is the Bharatiya Janata party (BJP), the party that has governed India for the past six years, and that has, under the prime minister Narendra Modi, been remaking India into an authoritarian, Hindu nationalist state.…


Narendra Modi’s Hindu nationalism gives rise to vigilante attacks on Christians – By Joe Wallen (Feb 16, 2020, The Telegraph, UK)

…Since Narendra Modi’s government came to power in 2014 religious minorities have felt the force of the prime minister’s Hindu nationalist agenda.

While recent unrest in the country has focused on the marginalisation of Muslims, there has also been an uptick in attacks on Chrsitians in a worrying trend of religious intolerance.

New data shared with The Sunday Telegraph shows a record number of violent attacks against Christians across the country.…


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