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IAMC Report: State of Religious Minorities in India (February 2022)

By Noelle Jones

In light of the lack of condemnation and prosecution of the calls for mass violence against Christians and the genocide of Muslims at the Dharma Sansads (Hindu Religious Parliament) held in Haridwar (Uttarakhand), Delhi, and Raipur in December 2021, this report details the continuing escalation of hate speech, harassment, and violence committed by right-wing Hindu-nationalists against Muslims and Christians over February 2022.

Relying on news reports and data of human rights organizations, this report demonstrates how Hindu nationalist leaders, groups, and rhetoric have become pervasive in the Indian government and society and raises the concern of genocidal sentiments turning into genocidal action as these forces aim to turn India into a purely Hindu Nation or Hindu Rashtra. To combat the escalating persecution of religious minorities, the report includes recommendations for the US government, the international community, and India to de-escalate the situation and prevent impending mass categorical violence and genocide. ”


Feb 2022 Report

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(Noelle Jones is a genocide researcher at the Indian American Muslim Council)