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IMC-USA demands the dismissal of Gujarat government; Incriminating evidence exposed by Tehelka

October 26, 2007

Indian Muslim Council – USA (, an advocacy group dedicated towards safeguarding India’s pluralist and tolerant ethos, demands the immediate dismissal of the state government of Gujarat under Narendra Modi and imposition of President’s rule based on the incriminating evidence recorded from none other than the perpetrators of the ghastly crimes during the 2002 pogroms.

Soon after the brutal mass murder of thousands of Muslims and inhuman treatment of women, children and unborn life in April 2002, several independent reports including Human Rights Watch and Amnesty International, had concluded that the responsibility rested on the administration of state of Gujarat, India. Recently, former Home Minister Gordhan Zaphardia’s confession on national TV and now this most revealing video interviews with the rapists and murderers who were directly involved leaves little doubt about Narendara Modi’s involvement in facilitating these crimes against humanity.

With the expose detailing the connivance of the state machinery and subversion by the police forces and judiciary, Rasheed Ahmed, President, Indian Muslim Council-USA asserted: “It is next to
impossible to expect that justice will be done inside the state of Gujarat. IMC-USA demands the constitution of a special fast track court, outside Gujarat, to speedily prosecute and serve justice to the victims of crimes against humanity.”

“It is not fitting for the largest democracy to have murderers, rapists and arsonists strutting around with impunity and gloating over their horrific deeds. In contrast, Muslim youth, minorities and the disadvantaged sections of the society are arrested and tortured upon mere suspicion or under false pretexts without even the minimal legal representation or due process of the law. The rule of law must reign supreme for the citizenry to put their faith in the government. The
Government of India has a responsibility to answer the citizens as to what is preventing them from bringing down the fullest weight of the law upon these criminals.”, said Mirza Baig, Vice-President of IMC-USA.

IMC-USA salutes the daring and courageous efforts of journalist Ashish Khetan and Tehelka in bringing out the truth of one of the worst massacres of independent India. They have done the best service to the country by exposing the Hindutva forces that threaten to destabilize the nation from within.

Syed Ali Rahman
phone: 1-800-839-7270