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Indian Diaspora Protests Growing Fascism, Hindu Supremacy

The recent increase in cases of mob lynching and hate crimes against minorities across the country has alarmed Indian diaspora living in Europe and the US.

On Sunday, the Indian American Muslim Council organized protest demonstration in San Diego, California. A similar protest rally by anti-fascist groups and some of Britain’s key migrant organisations under the banner of South Asia Solidarity Group was organized at the Parliament Square London.

The protestors holding ‘Amit Shah Minister of Hate, the world sees your crimes’ and ‘Stop the witch hunt of rights activists, lawyers and journalists!’ placards expressed concern over growing fascism and Hindu supremacy in India.

“Following the general election in India, the violence against minorities particularly Muslims has escalated –reaching horrific proportions. Now, violence against Muslims needs no pretext. Being a Muslim is enough! Jai Shri Ram and other similar Hindu religious slogans have become murder cries,” said a spokesperson from South Asia Solidarity Group.

“Attacks on Dalits, rapes, torture and murders have skyrocketed too. At the same time lawyers, journalists and activists are being attacked, killed or charged often under draconian laws – and India is being ruled by those who glorify Hitler. We are here to give Modi and Amit Shah a message – that the world is watching and that we stand by those who are so courageously continuing to fight fascism in India!”

Lately, many incidents of hate crimes particularly directed at the minority community have been reported across India post-May 23rd, when the rightwing Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) led by Narendra Modi won another term in office.

Last month, Tabrez Ansari, 24, was beaten to death by a Hindu mob in Kharsawan district in Jharkhand on suspicion of theft.

Indian Diaspora Protests Growing Fascism, Hindu Supremacy