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Indian American Muslims celebrate India’s 60th Republic Day

January 26, 2010

This January 26, 2010, India will celebrate its 60th year as a Republic. On this day, India, under the leadership of Nehru, Azad, and Ambedkar, unveiled its Constitution that reflects the hopes and aspirations of all Indians irrespective of economical status, religioun or caste. In fact the Constitution of India provides equal rights and equal access to opportunities as well as freedom to all its citizens.

On this day, Indian Muslim Council-USA (IMC-USA), a Washington based advocacy group working towards empowering people for achieving peace, pluralism and social justice rejoices in the increasing opportunities for a better life that the economic growth of India provides to all its citizens. IMC-USA recommits itself to work for the betterment and advancement of India. However, IMC-USA cautions all that sustainable growth, prosperity and global leadership of a nation is only possible when all of its citizens enjoy equal rights and opportunities to contribute to their country. Leaving behind any segment of the population is not an option and IMC-USA will continue to fulfill its patriotic duty to be vigilant and do its part to keep Indian society peaceful, pluralistic and just.

IMC-USA is the largest Indian American Muslim Advocacy group in the United States.