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Indian Muslim Council-USA congratulates all Indians on the Republic Day

January 26, 2007

Indian Muslim Council-USA ( IMC-USA), an advocacy group dedicated toward the promotion of pluralism in India and the US, congratulates all Indians including those living overseas on the occasion of India’s Republic Day.

On its first Republic Day, India as nation pledged to honor the aspirations of countless freedom fighters by drafting a constitution that provides justice, liberty and equality to all its citizens irrespective of their caste, religion, race or social standing.

Today, India is recognized as an emerging world power with a robust economy and rapid technological advancement. IMC-USA is proud of India’s achievements and progress. IMC-USA also considers it to be patriotic to face the challenges head on. India’s challenge today is to protect this progress from crumbling due to the polarization created by extremist organizations adhering to fascist ideologies. The other challenge is to ensure that all segments of its citizens are part of this growth and avoid an economic collapse due to social unrest, poverty and illiteracy. A feeling of desperation and hopelessness on the economic and social front of a segment of Indians is a clear danger to progress and stability of India.

On the occasion of the Republic Day, Mr. Rasheed Ahmed, President of IMC-USA, said “I appeal to all Indians to work towards eliminating communally charged hate politics, reverse the downward slide of a large segment of Indian population and give our future generations a nation that is prosperous and peaceful”. He also urged the Indian government to leverage the present economic opportunity and launch a national initiative to attain national prosperity for all its citizens regardless of their race, caste or religion.

Indian Muslim Council-USA is a Washington based advocacy group working towards safeguarding Indian society’s pluralist and tolerant ethos.


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