India's Coronavirus-Related Islamophobia Has the Arab World Up in Arms - By Seemi Pasha - IAMC
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India’s Coronavirus-Related Islamophobia Has the Arab World Up in Arms – By Seemi Pasha

…The spread of the virus has not only created a health emergency in the country but also brought India on the verge of a new kind of polarisation, thanks to the attempts of Hindutva politicians and activists to link the spread of the disease with Muslims.…

The Organisation of Islamic Conference has also raised concerns about this: Thanks to anti-Muslim bias in the media and even official messaging over the coronavirus in India, the intelligentsia in India-friendly Gulf countries like Kuwait and the UAE has started critically examining the ruling BJP’s attitudes towards Muslims and Arabs.

A 2015 tweet from BJP MP Tejasvi Surya was dug out and shared by prominent Arab voices.… A screenshot of his tweet was picked up by activists like Abdur Rahman Nassar from Kuwait,… and circulated. Nassar tagged the PMO and Modi’s personal account and tweeted, ‘Prime Minister… An Indian Member of Parliament accuses Arab women, and we Arabs are asking for his membership to be dropped!!’.…


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