Leaked messages show Hindu students plotting Muslim genocide, mass sterilization - IAMC

Leaked messages show Hindu students plotting Muslim genocide, mass sterilization

A leaked WhatsApp chat of extremists belonging to the student wing of the Hindu supremacist paramilitary group Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) has exposed students from a Delhi university for plotting ways to begin a genocide of Muslims in the country.

Screenshots of the leaked messages show one student suggesting that exploding a bomb or “other accident” be plotted in a Muslim-dominated area to “exterminate most Muslims,” while another student suggested “buying or kidnapping” Muslim women.

Another student suggested that Muslims be sterilized en masse and be subjected to genocide.  

That the chat was created between young and educated individuals is yet another sign that much of India’s Hindu majority has become deeply radicalized and hateful towards Muslims, and are capable of carrying out a genocide. 

Amnesty International slams BJP’s human rights record in Gujarat after landslide election 

Amnesty International slammed the abysmal human rights record of India’s ruling Hindu supremacist Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) after their landslide victory in Gujarat state following elections rife with anti-Muslim hate speech. 

In a statement, the renowned human rights organization pointed out that under the BJP, Muslims have been subjected to police brutality, illegal demolition of their homes, barriers to own property, laws criminalizing religious conversion, crackdowns on human rights defenders, and discriminatory laws that make it difficult for Muslims to prove their citizenship of India. 

“The combined impact of all these laws, policies and practices appears to amount to a collective punishment, whereby the Muslim community as a whole is penalized in the state of Gujarat. Such punitive actions are a serious violation of international human rights law and need to be reversed immediately,” said Aakar Patel, Chair of Amnesty International India.

The BJP has been accused of using religious polarization to gain Hindu votes and retain its 27-year-long control over the state. Just ahead of elections, the Modi government also facilitated the release of 11 Hindu supremacist men convicted in 2002 of gang raping a Muslim woman, Bilkis Bano, and murdering her family. Hindu supremacist groups openly celebrated the blatant disregard for justice. 

BJP leader who praised Hindu supremacist rapists wins poll in Gujarat

A BJP leader who publicly praised and helped release 11 Hindu supremacists who gang-raped Bilkis Bano has been re-elected to office, in a shocking indication of how deeply radicalized India’s public has become. 

Chandrasinh Raulji was part of the state government committee that unanimously decided to release the 11 Hindu extremist men guilty of raping Bilkis Bano and killing nine members of her family, including her three-year-old daughter, during Gujarat’s mass slaughter of Muslims in 2002.

“They were Brahmins (upper-caste Hindus), and Brahmins are known to have good values. It might have been someone’s ill intention to corner and punish them,” Raulji told reporters after the Hindu supremacists were released. He added that the convicts had good conduct while in jail.

Hate speech against Muslims and praise for violent Hindu supremacists have become tools used by the BJP to win votes in elections across India.