Modi-Shah's BJP has taken India's politics of vendetta to a new level - By Shekhar Gupta - IAMC
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Modi-Shah’s BJP has taken India’s politics of vendetta to a new level – By Shekhar Gupta

…”Why do we invest our lives in politics,” my host asked. “Why do we endure the dust, heat, bumpy helicopters, ‘dhakka-mukki’ (push-and-shove), court cases, arrests, to get this thing called power? Is mein aisa kya current hai (what is this irresistible pull)?” he said. …”Then why do you do so, what is this ‘current’ of political power and wealth if you can’t even enjoy it,” I asked.

“Yehi aap nahin samjhogey (this is what you don’t understand), Shekhar Gupta ji,” he said. Then, he went on to explain what happens when you get power. You do to the guy you defeated exactly what he did to you. Not even so much to him, but to his people.

“We know who his people are, in every district, every village,” he said. “We send our police, vigilance bureau, whatever after them. For those we really want to target, we may even keep a kilo of illegal opium or a murder charge handy.” Then what happens, he asked. I said, “obviously, when your victim suffers, you get your revenge”.…