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Muslim Students Barred From Attending Class For Wearing Hijab In Karnataka

In a blatant violation of India’s constitutionally mandated secularism, six Muslim women have been barred from attending classes at a pre-university college in Karnataka for wearing the hijab. Ludicrously, they were also banned from speaking Urdu or Arabic while at school. The students state that they hadn’t faced such discrimination before they began wearing hijab to school. 


The students’ parents were also called to the school and made to wait for four hours before Principal Rudra Gowda deigned to speak with them. Gowda claims that while wearing the hijab is permitted on school grounds, it is not allowed within classrooms in order to enforce “uniformity.”

This is not the only incident of Muslim discrimination on college campuses in Karnataka. Another college banned the hijab, the Muslim greeting “salam,” and speaking Urdu while in class. At a different college, male students who support Hindu extremism held a protest against women wearing the hijab, seeking to intimidate their Muslim classmates. 

Many Muslim women choose to wear the hijab as a symbol of modesty and piety. Banning the hijab from classrooms is not only discriminatory, but is also a direct infringement on women’s right to choose how they dress. 

Hindu Extremist Involved In Call For Muslim Genocide Makes Lewd Remarks About Muslim Women

Yati Narsinghanand, a Hindu extremist leader known for his genocidal statements against Islam and Muslims, made dehumanizing and inappropriate comments about Muslim women in a  video that went viral on social media this week. 

“The Muslim community encourages their women to sleep with other men in the service of Islam,” he said, adding that Muslim women are “made to sleep with journalists, politicians, and higher-up officials to turn them against the majority.”

His disturbing remarks come just days after ‘Bulli Bai’, an app designed by Hindu extremists that “auctioned” Muslim women without their knowledge, caused an uproar.

Narsinghanand outed himself as a dangerous extremist leader after he spoke at a Hindu supremacist conference in Haridwar, a city deemed to be holy by Hindus, last month. At that conference, a prominent speaker, who is a self-styled female Hindu monk, called for a genocide of two million Muslims seeking to form an “army of Hindus” against them. Narsinghanand has since been named in a police complaint filed after the hateful gathering.

Hindu Extremists Attack Dalit Christian Family Over False Allegations Of Forced Conversion

Yet another Christian family has been attacked by a Hindu extremist mob in Karnataka over baseless accusations of forced conversion. The family, which formerly belonged to the lowest Hindu caste of Dalits, reports that the mob broke into their home while they were offering prayers and demanded that they stop praying. After an argument broke out, the mob physically assaulted the family, leaving five of them injured. The mob also flung hot curry at one of the women, leaving her with burn injuries. 


“They abused our caste as a group of toilet cleaners and chappal makers, and that we were betraying the Hindu faith that we were born into,” Akshay Karaganavi, the father of the family, told the police. 

The mob accused the family of forcibly converting their neighbors, a baseless claim that is often weaponized by Hindu extremists to attack Christians with impunity. In Karnataka, where an anti-conversion law is in the works, Hindu extremists have become even further emboldened, ramping up attacks against Christian churches, homes, families, and faith leaders all over the state.