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No mobocracy – Editorial

…The incident in Jharkhand adds to a grim tally: At least 18 persons have been reportedly targeted and killed by a mob in the state since March 2016. There have been few convictions in these cases. Shockingly, in one instance, men convicted in a lynching incident at Ramgarh were later honoured by Jharkhand BJP leaders, including then Union minister Jayant Sinha.

Mob violence is not confined to Jharkhand, nor is it a feature only of BJP-ruled states. However, the impression that the party in power condones mob justice, or looks the other way, especially if it targets individuals of the minority community, seems to have empowered vigilante groups in BJP-ruled states. It has also added a communal dimension to mob violence in these states.…

The fact is that existing laws are sufficient to tackle mob violence and vigilantism – if the executive has the political will to do so. The Raghubar Das government in Ranchi has done well to arrest those suspected of lynching Ansari. But its work is not yet done. It needs to ensure that due process is taken to its just conclusion, the culprits are punished and help is provided to the victim’s family. A stern message needs to be sent out that any attempt to subvert the law and due process will be punished quickly and firmly.