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Why Hindutva is Anti-Hindu – By Ajay Gudavarthy

…Can the majority of Hindus reject the kind of lawless violence that is being unleashed by vigilante groups, silently being organised by powers that be? Interests of the Hindus and violence against Muslims have almost become synonymous, though it is routinely denied by even the most ‘fundamentalist’ of Hindus. If the secular narrative can break this impasse then it is possible to reverse the process of majoritarian consolidation.

Alternative narrative will have to stitch the loose ends in what looks like a tightly bound human story of Hindutva. Secular narrative has to demonstrate how what is projected as protection of Hindu interests is actually detrimental to the well-being of Hindus.…

Some acknowledgement and legitimacy of what it is to be Hindu today has to be built along with taking on the narrative of ‘Hindu under threat’ by its horns.… It needs to be opened up for public reasoning as to how it is that the BJP claims to be protecting Hindus when most attacks continue to happen in its rule?… Cow vigilantes are creating lawlessness, and this will not stop with Muslims. Once Mafioso kind of politics grows, they can run amuck.… There is a need to build a narrative of both appropriating these multiple meanings and also projecting why Hindutva brand is expressively anti-Hindu.…