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Reflections on How to Fight Hindutva – By Ajay Gudavarthy

Hindutva… grows with fake news, propaganda and falsification but links to a social reality that is based on real emotions, anxieties and grievances. It reifies existing social identities and the prejudices that come with them but also carves out new identities and undermines the very reality it connects to. Hindutva refers to the essence of a certain cultural ethos but is also deeply ideological in giving the essence a specific kind of majoritarian direction.

The fight against Hindutva has to begin by correctly identifying these two separate but interconnected realms. Hindutva is about creating a majoritarian political system that is not just against the minorities (religious or otherwise), but in fact, is against the majority in the sense of bringing everything under control and into a monolithic order.

The fight against Hindutva is complex because it has to look for the correct kind of an entry point, which is not readily available but has to be created by political resistance that includes the majority – which has conflicting interests. Hindutva has succeeded by precisely doing this so far.…