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The ‘Modi’fied India 2019 – By K P Fabian

…Let us now look what is in store for India. Modi 2 will push forward with the re-writing of history in text books and elsewhere. It will continue appointing the ideologically loyal ones to institutions without bothering too much about qualifications as it has done with the Jawaharlal Nehru University ignoring protests from the faculty. Institutions such as EC, CBI, ED( Enforcement Directorate) will be filled with the ‘right’ people. The bureaucracy will surrender with alacrity except for a few who will be suitably dealt with by the powers that be.

There is a possible scenario we should look at. The Modi-Shah team gets article 370 and 35 A relating to Kashmir deleted; the militants in Kashmir protest and even resort to violence; Delhi sends a K.P.S.Gill ‘to do a Punjab in Kashmir’. A section of the Muslim community resorts to violence . When state elections are held, the Opposition parties come out victorious as the voter concludes that the Modi-Shah duo is ruining the country. There will be more than one India, one ruled by the BJP and the other by the non-BJP parties.

However, there is a caveat. If the EC continues to favor the BJP, and if the EVMs are manipulated, the BJP will win all the state elections. Let us look at the likelihood of EVM tampering. The EC has claimed that the EVM cannot be tampered with. This claim is not convincing. It is absurd and arrogant for a human being to claim that he has designed a machine beyond tampering by another human being. Any soft-ware system can be tampered with.…