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The Decline of India – By Jayant Bhandari

…Narendra Modi, the Prime Minister, was born in 1950, three years after the British left. It is perhaps no coincidence then that this cycle’s electioneering is by far of the lowest quality I have ever seen. Terrorists, criminals, mass-murderers, fanatics, conmen, and gang-rapists populate the field. Moreover, at least one-third of the current legislators have criminal proceedings against them, and this in a country where most crimes never get reported.…

The voter is obsessed with his ideological preferences and processes everything through partisan lenses. If a rapist is from a feminist’s preferred party, she will refuse to see any fault in him. Not that India has had much to do with concepts like morality and reason. In earlier times, there was a certain kind of tolerance of different ideas. That tolerance is long gone. Everywhere I look it is as if scavengers are feasting on carcasses.

In India, as elsewhere, institutions provide us with the basic ecology to conduct social transactions. If these institutions are formed on the basis of reason and morality, they encourage people to think, operate and transact without aggression or fraud. Unfortunately, the rational institutions that the British left behind in India have continued to degrade since the time they left. Modi was a sudden and significant break from the British and also the start of an era of rapid degradation.…