The Limits of Hindutva - By Udeepta Chakravarty and Rohit Sarma  - IAMC
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The Limits of Hindutva – By Udeepta Chakravarty and Rohit Sarma 

The seemingly unstoppable consolidation of the Hindutva project by the Hindu Nationalist Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) has entered into a deadlock. With the passing of the contentious Citizenship Amendment Bill, a wave of mostly youth-led protests has gripped the country. Despite brutal and authoritarian repression by the Indian state, the demonstrations have been ongoing.

The encouraging aspects of these protests have been their spontaneity and their capacity to formulate their opposition against the Hindu-Right in broad socio-economic and political terms. There is an urgent need to take account of this rare opening and understand the significance of these developments. …

The protests have drawn links between the CAA and the overall state of the Indian society and polity. The Indian economy has seen a deteriorating trend because of stagnant consumption expenditure, reports on which have been withheld by the government.… Students in India have also been resisting university fee hikes that make education more expensive for the poor. Add to this a long running agricultural crisis, and one gets the sense that Indian society is standing on precarious ground.…