UN official says concerned over ''hate speech and discrimination'' against minorities in India - IAMC
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UN official says concerned over ”hate speech and discrimination” against minorities in India

Highlighting India’s long-standing history of promoting inclusive and peaceful societies, a top UN official on Tuesday voiced concern over incidents of “increased hate speech and discrimination” against minority communities in the country following the adoption of the Citizenship Amendment Act.

Dieng said in a note to the media on Tuesday that he is “concerned over reports of increased hate speech and discrimination against minority communities in India”… “While the objective of the act, to provide protection to minority communities is commendable, it is concerning that this protection is not extended to all groups, including Muslims. This is contrary to India’s obligations under international human rights law, in particular on non-discrimination,” Dieng said.

Dieng encouraged the Government of India to “continue to abide by this guidance by ensuring that national laws and policies follow international standards related to non-discrimination and to address and counter the rise of hate speech through messages of inclusion, respect for diversity and unity.