Hindu Extremists Threaten To Brutally Assault Muslim MLA From Haryana  - IAMC

Hindu Extremists Threaten To Brutally Assault Muslim MLA From Haryana 

Hindu extremists recorded a video threatening Haryana state legislator Mamman Khan with a brutal beating if he dared to enter the state Assembly. The threat was made after Khan publicly slammed Hindu extremist cow vigilantes as “vandals” who violently attack, kidnap, and lynch Muslims over accusations of beef consumption.

“You [Khan] dare us not to enter Mewat,” the extremists said in the video. “We dare you not to set foot in Chandigarh for Vidhan Sabha or we will break your legs and thrash you blue and black.”

Khan expressed his concerns in a letter to Haryana Chief Minister Manohar Lal Khattar, the home minister, and the state director-general of police, demanding that they take action against the extremists making the threat.

“If an MLA is not safe in this state from these fanatics, what do you expect for the common people? I, as a public representative, had said we will not allow vandalism and unauthorized use of force and arms. What was wrong in it?” he asked.

Hindu Extremists Call For University To Be Banned After Question Paper Links Nazism With Hindutva

Hindu extremists stormed Twitter with outrage after Sharda University, a private college located in Uttar Pradesh state, included a question on a political science exam that linked Nazism and Hindutva, or Hindu nationalism. 

A photo of the question paper, which asked, “Do you find any similarities between Fascism/Nazism and Hindu right wing (Hindutva)? Elaborate with arguments” was shared on social media by Bharatiya Janata Party leader Vikash Preetam Sinha.

Hindu extremist Twitter users began trending the hashtag #BanShardaUniversity, claiming that the question “vilified Hindus.” However, several academics and experts, including Dr. Ellen Kennedy of World Without Genocide has stated that Hindutva supporters in India are on track to commit a genocide against a minority of 200 million Muslims, similar to the Nazis during the Holocaust. The Early Warning Project, which is co-run by the Holocaust Memorial Museum, has also labeled India as the world’s second most dangerous country for minorities.

Police Report Filed Against School Teachers For Encouraging Students To Say ‘Happy Eid’

A Hindu extremist filed a police report against a Bushra Mustafa, Muslim principal heading a private school in Uttar Pradesh state, for being part of a “conspiracy” meant to hurt religious sentiments and “ruin the atmosphere of schools and colleges” after videos surfaced of school children dressing up and saying “Happy Eid” on the recent Muslim holiday.

“School Principal Bushra Mustafa is a Muslim woman who has a communal thinking and she has misused her position,” said Lalmani Tiwari, a local leader of the Hindu supremacist group Vishwa Hindu Parishad (VHP).

The school administration struck back with a statement defending the principal and saying that the schoolchildren were encouraged to observe all Indian holidays.

“We do similar activities for Diwali and Dussehra where students dress up as Lord Ram and Hanuman and other Hindu gods and goddesses,” said Suchitra Verma, the school secretary. “There are some people who have made an issue out of nothing to bring the principal down, as her record is excellent.”