Hindu Extremists Plant Saffron Flag Atop Karnataka Mosque  - IAMC

Hindu Extremists Plant Saffron Flag Atop Karnataka Mosque 

Hindu extremists planted a saffron flag on the roof of a mosque in communally sensitive Karnataka state, leading to further tensions and heightened security in the area. While the saffron flag was removed from the mosque, police have not caught or identified the extremists responsible for the provocation.

Pertinently, the latest hate crime comes in the backdrop of Hindu extremists’ increasingly aggressive demands for all loudspeakers to be removed from the Muslim places of worship.

Hindu Students Push Dalit Boy, 11, Into Fire

Hindu students assaulted and pushed their 11-year-old Dalit classmate into a bush fire in Tamil Nadu state in a horrific caste-based attack.

The victim was out visiting his relatives when the perpetrators attacked him. He suffered severe burn injuries and reported the attack to police, adding that the perpetrators regularly abused him with casteist slurs.

Police have booked three students for the assault under the Scheduled Caste, Scheduled Tribe Atrocities Act.

Hindu Extremists Chant Violent Slogans Against Dalit Professor Over Comments On Temple

A police report was filed against Lucknow University professor Ravikant Chandan, a Dalit, for commenting on the Hindu extremist claims that the 16th-century Gyanvapi mosque should be demolished because it was once a temple.

In a video, a mob of Akhil Bharatiya Vidyarthi Parishad (ABVP) extremists,  RSS’s student wing were seen gathering outside Chandan’s department, chanting “shoot the traitors to the nation,” a violent slogan that extremists often raise to incite mob lynchings of Muslims and other minorities.

“I was merely referring to a story,” Chandan said regarding his remarks. “Despite this, students of the ABVP and outsiders came here and raised objectionable slogans… I am a Dalit… and I feel my voice is being suppressed, being from this community.”

“The hooliganism of ABVP fanatics is increasing continuously in the university campuses. Today, ABVP goons barging into the campus of Lucknow University are continuously threatening to kill a Dalit Professor Dr. Ravikant Chandan,” said the All India Students’ Association (AISA) in a statement.

“This is a mobocracy and do not confuse with Law & Order,” tweeted journalist Saba Naqvi.

University Student Booked After Hindu Extremists Protest Art Installation 

In yet another incident of Hindu extremists driving the hand of law enforcement, Gujarat police registered a case against a student of fine arts at Maharaja Sayajirao University for allegedly depicting Hindu deities in an “obscene” manner in an art installation. ABVP  extremists claimed that the art pieces were “distasteful and hurtful to religious sentiments” during a protest outside the exhibition.

“We do not know where these frames have come from,” claimed  Jayaram Poduval, a university dean.  “They were not part of our evaluation submissions…They have been planted here and this protest is a conspiracy against the faculty.”

The student, however, was straightforward with police in saying that he had created the artwork and would make more in the future.